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Exercise/Wheelchair parts-PU foam products

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LIH SIN was established in the1982, a professional PU polyurethane foam manufacturer, design-orientated operates with innovative PU forming technology. Decades of experience leading our company to continuously improving our products.

LIH SIN is an ISO 9001 qualified company a well established quality control system running in-house from fault prevention to problem solving, immediate correction and continuous improvement for sustainability. Our goal is to achieve and maintain the highest standard of products and services ensuring ultimate customer satisfactions.

We continuously integrate quality, service, health, safety and environmental protection in management and continuous improvement to make greener products, which we believe would lead to less pollution to the environment. The company is equipped with the sewage and air process facilities with qualified certificates to keep our environment clean and pollution free.

LIH SIN provides all the support that our customers need, w... [more]
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